Servox® Servo Press Drives

Servox® SP

Servox® SP drive has a modified planetary gearbox and enables medium gear ratios of between 12 and 20 in coaxial arrangement. And yet the drive is only a little bit longer than a standard planetary gearbox with a similar output. These drives can be designed cost-effectively up to torque ratings of 150 kNm.

Torque range from 10 kNm to 150 kNm
Gear ratios 12 - 20

Servox® E

The Servox® E standard drive is equipped with a hydraulically released safety brake on the gear input shaft. The planetary gearbox in tried-and-tested DESCH quality follows in direction of the eccentric shaft. For large quantities for small to medium press forces.

Torque range from 10 kNm to 250 kNm
Gear ratios 4 - 6
Special executions up to 10

Servox® DS

A further drive version Servox® DS, offers the greatest flexibility in terms of output torque, gear ratio range and motor variation. In this case, the output torque is transmitted via planetary gearing. Depending on the geometric conditions, between two and four servo motors can produce the drive on the input side. Flexible combination of the gear ratio and the number of motors gives rise to a broad range of applications, providing customers with the drive solution best suited to their requirements.

Torque range from 25 kNm to 2,000 kNm and more
Gear ratios 4 - 48

Servox® Z

A two-stage Servox® Z drive is available for even higher ratios and a coaxial design. Based on the standard Servox® E drive, a second planetary gear is flange-mounted on the output of the first gear stage, enabling maximum torque ratings of up to 2,000 kNm and ratios of more than i = 65. The desired output speed and the torque and speed of the available servo motors are key.

Torque range from 40 kNm to 2,000 kNm
Gear ratios 4 - 48