Lutex® Clutch and Brake Combination

Lutex® LKB

The pneumatically actuated Lutex® LKB is a dry running single plate combined clutch/brake (it is referred to the following text as the C-B-C). Originally developed for use on presses and shearing machines it is particularly suitable for applications where medium and large inertias are to be accelerated or decelerated. The heat resistant properties of the friction surfaces enables the Lutex® C-B-C to achieve the high operating cycle required by presses. Its compact construction allows the C-B-C to be mounted in a very small space between the machine frame and the flywheel.

Torque range to 165 kNm

Lutex® LS

The pneumatically actuated Lutex® LS is a dry-operating single-disc clutch/brake combination (called C-B-C below) - a further development of the proven Lutex® LKB. With an increased power density, the Lutex® LS is particularly suitable for considerably higher rotational speed with increased torques. It can be used ideally for the acceleration and deceleration of medium and high mass moments of interia. The high engaging frequencies with the shortest possible engaging times demanded in press design are reliably achieved by the C-B-C with high thermal stressability and a long service life of the special friction linings. The Lutex® LS type series is therefore predestined for press and shear drives, single-stroke or continuous-running operation. Due to its compact construction, the C-B-C can be installed in the smallest of spaces between the machine frame and flywheel.

Torque range from 6 kNm to 52 kNm

Lutex® HKB and HKBT

The hydraulically actuated Lutex® HKB is a wet-type, multiple plate clutch/brake combination. When the HKB is not subjected to oil pressure, the brake is engaged by the pretensioned springs. When the hydraulic oil is fed into the cylinder, the piston overcomes the spring force and is pressed against the plate package of the clutch. The platepackage of the brake opens and the clutch engages. An overlap of clutch and brake functions is impossible.
HKB‘s are used especially in intermittently operating machines like presses, shearing machines, folding presses and similar ones.

Torque range from 3 kNm to 500 kNm