Conax® - CM / CR - Friction and Slipping Clutches

Conax® Friction Clutch Type CM

The characteristic feature of the Conax® clutch is the expanding symmetrical friction ring* between the cone-shaped metal discs. It is divided into six segments which are held together by a tension spring. Axial displacements of the shafts are offset in the bore of the casing when the clutch is disengaged. The contact forces in the system cancel each other out, there is no axial loading of the machine bearings when the clutch is engaged.

Conax® Slipping Clutch Type CR

The Conax® slipping clutch type CR is designed to protect machine components against desctruction in the event of overloading or blocking of the driven machine. The Conax® slipping clutches are manufactured in two basic designs, depending on the size. The sizes 0,5 to 25 are adjusted with a threaded ring. For this purpose the sizes 50 to 200 are provided with disc spring assemblies. Accurate setting of the torque is possible with both designs.