Our Planox® SR Clutch with the new DESCH Controller App

The Planox® SR is our newest coupling-technology. Combined with our control unit, DESCH designed soft-start and engaging behaviour to operate under a variety of applications and industries (crushers, shredders, and recycling). Already on the market and proven to be an effective product by our customers, the Planox SR® offers many benefits.


- Significantly reduces high axial and radial loads
- Compact construction design with radial inlet
- Flexibility of the connection to the engine (SAE1 or SAE2)

As an added feature, in-house DESCH engineers developed the DESCH Controller App equipped with high-technology sensors that interact by the most modern means of communication. Designed to display essential technical details on your smartphone or tablet, allowing a controlled view of the clutch at any time.

You can find this product video for our DESCH Controller App on our YouTube channel:

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