Our DESCH Servox® Family

DESCH not only offers mechanical drives but also servo drives. The patented Servox ® drive, is a well-established solution for varying tonnages to all servo press manufacturers, globally.

Advantages of the DESCH Servox® include:

  •   flexibility in design
  • available with one or more motors
  • optional one or two-stage planetary gears
  • varying ratios in the planetary gear
  • output torque ranges from 10.000 Nm to >1.6 million Nm
  • can be combined with any motor manufacturer

When selecting the motor manufacturer, DESCH collectively works with the customer covering their specifications offering a seamless approach to effective press manufacturing. Contact DESCH for your next projects.

Download the DESCH Servox®-Catalogue here: DESCH Servox ® Family

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