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DESCH Antriebstechnik GmbH from Arnsberg, Germany and Nidec-Shimpo Corporation from Kyoto in Japan,have established a significant strategic partnership.
Both companies already know each other from many yearsof successful business relations.

On 31. January 2019 Nidec-Shimpo and DESCH agreed to sign the contract to acquire 70 % of DESCH throughits German holding company Nidec-Shimpo GmbH*.

The Bremke group of shareholders, that have so far not been operationally active in the company, will sell all of its shares to Nidec-Shimpo. Hendrik and Olaf Desch will keep the remaining 30 % and will continue on in the company as sole managing partners. DESCH companies in North America are not part of the agreement.

The present business strategy, “DESCH Smart Drive Solution” will be continued and expanded for continuous growth. With Nidec’s know-how in the field of electronic and electric drives, DESCH Antriebstechnik will develop and expand its drive solutions faster towards mechatronic system solutions for drive technology. This strategy has been followed successfully by DESCH for the last years and will pick-up momentum by using the portfolio of Nidec’s technology and products. With this step, Nidec and DESCH will develop towards offering complete solutions in the drive-technology 4.0. (industrial standard).

DESCH and Nidec are economically strong companies and have agreed to further invest extensively in the expansion of production sites in
Germany and China over the next few years.

DESCH Antriebstechnik will receive better access to markets in Asia where Nidec holds a very strong market position.
Nidec will take advantage of the strong presence of DESCH in European markets.

For Nidec, DESCH will take a leading position in the development of the European markets with respect to mechatronic drive solutions and further develop solutions in the higher torque and output range. Further acquisitions in this industrial field are planned and DESCH will take an active part in this plan.

For further information and interview partners please contact Mr. Klaus-Peter Conrady:

T 49 2932 300 302


About DESCH:

DESCH was founded in 1906 and today Hendrik and Olaf Desch are heading the company in the fourthgeneration. As a leading partner in drive technology, DESCH offers innovative and customized solutions for the complete driveline.

DESCH drive stand for high quality and are used in a variety of different industrial branches such as construction machines, machine tools, marine industry, energy and general mechanical engineering.

Besides gearbox, clutch technology and complete drive lines DESCH offers OEM´s and end users technical support as well as comprehensive diagnosis and repair services. At its head office in Germany and factory in China Desch employs around 400 employees. In 2018 DESCH had a turnover of around 90 Mio €.

Due to the focus of Nidec and DESCH cooperation on Europe and Asia the DESCH companies in North America are not part of the agreement and remain in their present structure.

About Nidec Corporation and its subsidiary Nidec-Shimpo Corporation:

Nidec Corporation is a globally leading manufacturer of motors and components, which is strong in the field of development and production of electric motors, gear boxes and other products for the automotive, robotic industry, household appliances and industrial equipment.

Nidec Corporation employs more than 107.550 employees around the world and had a turnover of 11,4 billion € in the fiscal year ending 31. March 2018.

The daughter company Nidec-Shimpo Corporation is manufacturer of small high precision gearboxes and other products, used in automated machinery applications like robotics. Its products are mainly sold in Japan,China and America.

* Subject to verification of the antitrust authorities

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