DESCH Gearboxes for Machine Tools

DESCH gearboxes meet the challenges of high speeds as well as high torque rates. Apart from the combination of various planetary gearbox stages, we offer further customized designs of gearing, bearing and lubrication technology.

Main drives

- for milling, drilling and multi-machine centers
- high power density in a small installation space
- high efficiency due to 2-speed manual gearbox with coupled spur gearbox
- designed for horizontal and vertical installation


Rotary Table Drives:

- powerful and optimized installation space
- executed as switchable or single drive variants       

Denox® DT                                                Denox® DT - ECO
Power range 37 - 130 kW                       Max. Input Speed 4.500 – 6.000 rpm
Nominal Torque 2.600 - 12.000 Nm     Output Torque 2.500 - 9.000 Nm

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